Monday, January 21, 2013

New Cookbooks, New Adventures

My other-half saw a cookbook for sale in one of those shopping centre book stalls. The same cookbook I'd been admiring rather openly last time I was at his parents' place. I've trained him well to notice such things, yes? Actually, I can't take the credit. He's just great like that.  He promptly bought the book which left me grinning like a schoolgirl for the rest of the afternoon.

The cookbook? The "Australian Women's Weekly 1000 Best-Ever Recipes". SO MUCH LOVE. Anyone who does any cooking in Australia certainly must have glanced over at least one AWW cookbook in their time. If they haven't, they're missing out. In my view, AWW have the best collection of cookbooks out there. But then, that might just be my taste. 

(Photo courtesy of LifestyleTea)

This cookbook combines my love of country/homestyle cooking with modern Australian, Asian-inspired, and just about everything I love doing in the kitchen! Granted, there's a lot I won't be making out of those thousand or so recipes... But I can't wait to sit down with a coffee and my cat on one of those rare and dangerous moments my other-half leaves me unattended with a cookbook!

Stay posted for many kitchen adventures to come that this book will inspire.

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